Collection: Necklace Sets

Polki sets are deeply rooted in Indian culture, but they also add a touch of modern flair to outfits. While primarily worn for aesthetic appeal, they also symbolize prosperity and happiness on special occasions. One occasion where these polki sets play an important role is weddings and engagements. When it comes to Indian jewellery and weddings, many trends come and go, but polki necklace sets have held their significance even today.

Symbol of Love From Previous Generations

A bridal polki necklace set can be passed on from generation to generation and still retains its allure. This single piece is enough to light up the bride and add love, heritage, and tradition to the occasion.

Neither Overwhelming nor Underwhelming

Moreover, the final look of a polki set depends on you, whether you want to wear it on your wedding day or repeat it later for other occasions. You can wear a polki set with other heavy jewellery pieces at weddings, and it would not underwhelm the outfit. In the same way, if you wear a polki set at different functions, you can keep it simple and make it the centre of attention in your whole outfit.

How to Style Our Semi Bridal Polki Necklace Set

The centre piece of this semi bridal polki necklace set is made from polki stones, and the color is beautiful gold. One of the best parts is that it looks amazing without weighing you down. The necklace is lightweight and the design is something that goes with today’s trending statement pieces. And what’s more? The Polki set comes with matching earrings and a maang tikka. You can choose to wear everything at once for a fuller look or you can take turns by just wearing the necklace and maang tikka and skip the earrings. In the end, how you style the bridal polki necklace set with your outfits is up to you.